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The Ballot Box

 Somewhere in America on Election Night...


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Dewey and Curtis are two slacker brothers fresh out of money for rent. When their grandma gives them a check and her mail-in ballot, it is the check that accidentally finds its way into the Ballot Box at the local Voting Center. After encountering Dewey’s ex-girlfriend Madison, who volunteers there, they locate the Ballot Box but are unable to retrieve their check. They dash out the exit with it, but Madison witnesses the theft.

When the news breaks that a Ballot Box has been stolen, twin candidates for office, Don and Ron Snellenberger, dispatch agents to recover it. Elsewhere, three members of the Women’s Intercontinental Militant Party (W.I.M.P.) named Vanessa, Lauren, and Miranda join the hunt, and alt-right conspiracy theorist Johnny “Rocky” Rhodes answers a pizza delivery call that puts him on the path without his knowledge.

It’s a wild and wacky ride full of kidnappings, interrogations, rescues, fistfights, and a metric ton of packing peanuts. You’ll see the fiendish Mr. Thingy, the Rose Gold Gun, and the World’s Grossest Pizza in no other film but The Ballot Box!

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Quentin Harrup


Brennan Harrup


Sydney Cope


Heath Miller

"Johnny 'Rocky' Rhodes"

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