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Where We Belong

Questions at the very heart of relationships


“Words will never be adequate enough for how impactful and incredible it was.  It was the most life-giving, inspirational, relatable, raw, knowledgeable and real series I’ve ever seen!”


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2 Filmmakers

1 Journey

In a world caught in loneliness and broken relationships, two filmmakers set out on a journey to investigate the cause. While discovering that belonging is what we all need, the two begin to see the surprising and hidden effects that trauma and shame play in distancing us from each other. Their discoveries, which lead them to look into their own lives, set the stage for this real, gripping, and inspiring journey into the soul-- inviting us to dive into our own stories and take steps toward the lives we've always longed for.

radical vulnerability

Follow along on our journey as we have honest conversations with amazing people From Best-Selling Author and Psychologist Dr. Kelly Flanagan, world renowned photographer and founder of The Purpose Hotel Jeremy Cowart, Author/Blogger/Entrepreneur Dale Partridge, Best Selling Author Laura Doyle,  Fight The New Drug, Kristin and Danny,  Lizzi and Jesse from Pocketfuel, Producer/Actor Justin Torrence and so many other amazing people!

Sadie Such

Filmmaker. Photographer. Storyteller.

Anataya Cranson


Natale McAneney

Executive Director, Fight the New Drug

Bob Goff

Best Selling Author and Speaker

Dr. Kelly Flanagan

Clinical Psychologist, Author of 'Lovable'

What are people saying?

Incredible, thought-provoking, and easy-to-understand look into emotions, fears, and closeness!

This series is absolutely incredible! so many thought-provoking questions and answers, its impossible to watch and not discover something new about how your own family and childhood stories play out in your emotional world and in your close relationships.


A beautiful story about our humanity.

Wow! Truly, this is an incredible series displaying the raw beauty of humanity and our need for relationships. My husband and I both laughed and cried as we watched the journey of these beautiful women and found that this made an excellent conversation piece for us to further discuss our own relationships, both with each other and with those around us. I strongly recommend Where We Belong to anyone who is looking to deepen their connection with others, and with themselves. You won't regret it!

Brienne Wilkerson

Wonderful, Uplifting, Soulful

What a marvelous Season One -- I'm hoping for a Season Two! It dives right into the generational fear of committing to another, especially in marriage, but really it's about all close relationships. They weave beautiful scenery and their own increasingly raw inner questions, dreams, and feelings with interviews of random couples, individuals, relationship authors, and therapists they meet in their travels, capturing the whole gamut of wonder, fear, dancing elation, exhaustion, and soul-filled words like: "intimacy is knowing another person and still loving them". Loved it!



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