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The eyes of the world have been forced to turn their gaze upon Lebanon, not only because of the Beirut Port explosion that devastated this ancient city on 4th August 2020, but also because, sadly, Lebanon stands as an allegory for kleptocratic regimes and their catastrophic impact that have seen a resurgence across the globe. Before the explosion, the country was already cowering under the weight of decades of civil conflict, unrelenting regional turmoil but mostly from endemic, systemic corruption and pure greed.


This is the first feature documentary to be released since the explosion but is also the first film to capture exclusive and controversial interviews with many of the key political leaders (Prime Minister Saad Hariri, former Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, Dr Samir Geagea, Hezbollah Minister Mohammad Fneich, Former Justice Minister Salim Jreissati, Governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salame, among others) prior to the explosion. These are the very men responsible for much of Lebanon's desecration.

Featured Interviewees

This will be the first feature documentary to be released since the Beirut Port explosion and the first to capture exclusive and controversial interviews with many of the key political leaders prior to the explosion


Award-winning filmmaker, journalist and entrepreneur.

Saad Hariri

Prime Minister of Lebanon 2009-2011 & 2016-2020


President of the Free Patriotic Movement


Director-General Lebanese Ministry of Finance 2000-2020


Former Minister of Justice 2016-2019


Leader Lebanese Social Democratic Party

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Daizy Gedeon attempts to execute an independent investigation in order to expose Lebanon's dark underbelly as she considers how the country ended up in a state of complete catastrophe.

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"I am Not giving up YET"

Daizy Gedeon explores what is and what could be for Lebanon

Exposing Corruption

This film puts the spotlight on the ruling class and the manifold issues facing Lebanon. Through incisive interviews with the whistle-blower, former Director-General of the Ministry of Finance, Alain Bifani, and academic and Middle East expert Thanassis Cambanis, the film blows the lid on the under-the-table, pie-sharing deals that have permitted many of these leaders, their families, and cronies to remain in power for decades.

The 2019 Revolution

The film addresses the revolution and the global social justice movement that was triggered in 2019 among the diaspora who rallied to support their families and friends back home. It provides a powerful insight into the complex traditional and emotional loyalties within human beings that still, to this day, threaten any chance for change and evolution.


Shot over 4 years and across 4 continents, the film is beautifully filmed by award-winning Director of Photography, Justin Hanrahan ACS, and creatively edited by Academy Award nominee, Marcus D’Arcy ASE. The musical score, composed by international pianist and composer, Georges Tomb, and performed by the 83-piece Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, powerfully compliments the emotionally provocative journey told by award-winning journalist and director Daizy Gedeon.